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How Do I Get Licensed?

Most States require agents to possess at least a Life Only license. To get this, applicants must complete a 32 hour online course. It is broken down to 20 hours of insurance training and 12 hours of ethics. It is done at your own pace, some can start on Friday and be done Monday, others may take a couple weeks. Whatever your “speed” is, just get it done.

Once you complete each of the modules (chapters), there will be an assessment. Before you can move to the next module, you must master the current module with an assessment score of at least 80%. The nice thing is, you can take it as many times as you want. The more you know, the easier the test will be.

Once all modules are completed and mastered and you've logged in 32 hours of class time, then you will take a practice exam. Again, you can take this as many times as you like. Unfortunately, it’s not identical to the State exam, but it’ll cover all the bases.

Once you’re feeling confident enough, request your test date at a local, convenient test facility. Instructions for this will be on the website you took your course from.

Most State Life Only Exams are 75 questions, you have 90 minutes and you needed at least a 60% to pass (this many vary from State to State).

Once you have passed the Life Only Exam, the State will need to do a background check on you. Fingerprinting is usually done at the facility you passed the test from… convenient!

Now the wait starts. California/Texas will usually take 20-30 days to issue you a license number. Other States are usually quicker.
(During this waiting period is where we get you trained and ready to hit the ground running.)

Congratulations!!!!! You’re a licensed Life Insurance Agent!

Let's get started!

*CLICK HERE, this will take you directly to

*You will be prompted to input a managers name/email: Simkins

*Next select: Your State, then select: Insurance and click: Search

*Next select: 32 Hour Life Course or Life Only Course (do not pick anything that has to do with Funerals/Health)

*You don’t need to buy any books or anything other then the online course.

*The discount will automatically be applied when you pay for the course.... should cost about $60.00 (Normal price is $75+).