Work with The best... or work for everyone else!

Why Final Expense
  • Small whole life polices to cover funeral expenses
  • Preferred and guaranteed issue 
  • High blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, asthma ok
  • Ages 0-85 qualify
  • Most policy have immediate coverage (most don't have waiting periods)
  • No medical exams or blood tests
  • Fixed premium and face value. Most clients are on a fixed income
  • Designed with the clients best interest in mind
  • 76,000,000 Baby Boomers currently in the US
  • 3,000,000 added each year
  • Market will nearly DOUBLE in the next 20 years!

Why Us
  • We work with the largest Final Expense Companies in the nation
  • Generous Contracts
  • Paid upon payment submission 
  • Contract increase based on production
  • Management potential for producers who EARN IT
  • Exotic Corporate trips, bonuses and incentives
  • In-home applicant verifications
  • Free training by the best in the business
  • Excellent office support
  • Residual income
  • Retirement
  • Simplified application/Paperless
  • In house generated lead system
  • Protected areas, keeps everyone busy

  • Life Licensed or not (we can assist with licensing
  • Committed full time or bring your current agency
  • Self motivated
  • Business mentality, not employee. This is your company, run it that way
  • Reliable car
  • Willing to drive 60+ miles a day. 
  • Not afraid of lead debt. Takes money to make money. Leads = Clients = $
  • Driven by ambition, not hindered by ego
  • Your need for success, must over-power your fear of rejection
  • Willing to learn our system. It works.... simple as that. Numbers don't lie
  • Excellent communicator 
  • Natural leader and results driven
  • Competitive. Need to make at least $100,000 your first year?... many do it!
  • Most importantly.... Satisfaction in helping people and getting paid for it

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